Recompression Chamber


Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber Operator Course

This Hyperbaric recompression chamber course is extremely valuable for those interested in the medical aspect diving, and the information gained will increase the dive professionals ability to provide superior assistance in the case of a diver with suspected DCI.

Blue Label Diving Hyperbric chamber Course

Panel Hyperbaric Chamber

This course also includes a more in depth look at the physics and physiology related to DCI, plus how to more readily recognize signs and symptoms, and the best way you can treat the injured diver whilst transporting them to the nearest facility or awaiting emergency evacuation.

Much of the course is hands on learning how to perform neurological checks on injured divers; operating a hyperbaric oxygen chamber; tending patients inside, and handling emergency scenarios. Every day the course starts with 2 hours of lectures, followed by 2-3 hours of inside and outside chamber operations.

The recompression chamber course will be held over five consecutive days, followed by training in 5 real treatments at times that suits you.

The course is fees are including manual, chamber use and gasses and wall certificate. This course is registered under Technical Diving International – TDI and upon completing the 5 treatments; candidates can upgrade their level for an international chamber operator certificate.

Candidates wishing to finalize the 5 treatments in the same week, can follow experience treatments during the day.


We like to maintain a steep learning curve at Blue Label. The agency its specific academics are partly completed through home study and finalized early in the course. This allows us to offer you more hands-on information, time for practical dive planning and workshops.

We at Blue Label Diving care about customer relations and take’ doing business with a personal touch’ very seriously. This is why Blue Label Diving invests a lot of time in handling individual emails to discuss all of your options in greater detail. When investing time and money in your diver education you only deserve the best there is.

All students must meet the prerequisites set out by the relevant training organization prior to starting the course. Blue Label Diving Terms and Conditions apply to all of our courses.

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