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Diver Medical Technician Course

Advanced Airway Compression

Diver Medical Technicians serve at the critical first step in the diving medicine chain, caring for injured divers on the scene and/or acting as tenders in the hyperbaric chamber.
Many of the participants in these programs are diving safety officers with dive teams or tenders associated with hyperbaric chambers, but a good number of them are also dive professionals interested in advancing their knowledge of dive medicine so they can better tend to injured divers.

Responsibility of a DMT

Recompression Diver Medical technican Course

Suturing BLD DMT course

DMT’s – Diver Medical Technicians provide an alternative to the presence of qualified hyperbaric physicians at a dive site. They can respond to emergency medical situations and communicate effectively with a physician located remotely.
They also provide emergency care and advanced life support in the field while stabilizing injured divers. They report accidents and treatment to medical authorities and perform tasks and give aid as directed by proper authorities.

chamber technician

chamber tender operator module

DMTs also encourage fitness in diving community and keep accurate, informative records, such and neurological assessments and histories of divers in their care, where appropriate.

In short, as a DMT you are trained to provide in-field first aid, stretching far beyond the conventional first aid courses provided by recreational training agencies. The focus lies on taking charge and decisions when emergencies present in total isolation from medical care providers.

Advanced Diver Medical Technician


National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine & Technology

Program Certification NBDHMT

The Diver Medical Technician program trains Commercial, Scientific and Professional divers to handle most medical emergencies when offshore. The course encompasses advanced first aid, invasive/ advanced life support procedures and decompression chamber tending/operating techniques.The course takes 15 days and comprises 50 hours of theory and 70 hours of practicals and scenario’s

COURSE PRICE: 60,000 THB – 15 days incl. manual, medical materials and chamber use

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Recreational Diver Medical Technician (RDMT)


Recreational Diver Medical Technican Course

Program Certification DASPAA

This course is custom designed for the Recreational Diver/ Professional. It focuses on the treatment of marine life injuries, decompression illness and chain of survival, encountered during recreational diving activities.

The course takes 10 days and consists out of 40 hours of theory/ lectures and 40 hours of practical application/ emergency scenarios.

COURSE PRICE: 40,000 THB – 10 days incl. manual and medical materials

Click time table RDMT for an overview of the course schedule


We like to maintain a steep learning curve at Blue Label. The agency’s specific academics are partly completed through home study and finalized early in the course. This allows us to offer you more hands-on information, time for practical dive planning and workshops.

We at Divemedics® care about customer relations and take doing business with a personal touch very seriously. This is why Blue Label Diving invests a lot of time in handling individual emails to discuss all of your options in greater detail. When investing time and money in your diver education you only deserve the best there is.

All students must meet the prerequisites set out by the relevant training organization prior to starting the course. Blue Label Diving Terms and Conditions apply to all of our courses.

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