Dive medics DMT course Phuket

Pictures of the Recreational Diver Medical Technician Course Day 2:

The students in the DMT course have been practicing on Annie how to do CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation. We had scenarios where they had to handle a situation by themselves or in a group.

With the use of Oxygen they were able to use a continues flow of O2 connected to the pockets masks as soon as they had revived Annie form her heart failure and the non breathing.

A few of the DMT course members of the team forgot their barriers like gloves or a pocket mask, which are crucial o protect yourself before serving others.

DMT course in Phuket

Students working together

DMT Thailand - course with Blue Label Diving

Dive medic Course

First Aid Lecture at Blue Label Diving

Lecture from Ben Reymenants

Diver Medical Technician Course

RDMT Course - Blue Label Facility Phuket


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