Hyperbaric Chamber Tender Operator Course in Phuket

Yesterday Ben Reymenants from Blue Label Diving and Patrick Schindler from the SSS chamber in Phuket, started a Hyperbaric Chamber tender Operator course with a total of 10 students. A few dive instructors from France, Holland, Germany and Thailand.

This course will last for the next 5 days. The students will learn how to operate the chamber, get more knowledge about decompression illnes, how to examine patients, what to look for, how to treat patients and them selves inside the chamber and probably a flood in the chamber, which they dont know yet.

Blue Label Diving stongly believes that each Dive Instructor, Recreational or Technical should educate them selves more in the Decompression Theory and Medical knowledge.

Dive Instructors and Dive Masters are with Divers every day for at least 4 hours in the water. To see symtoms and be quick to response will help 90% of most decompression sickness patients. Giving 02, getting in contact with a medic, ambulance etc etc is proven to accelerate the healing process.

As a dive instructor or Dive master in Thailand you are able to go with your student into the chamber if you are a Chamber tender Operator. What a personalized treatment for your students.

The chamber can be a little scary if you are the patient, so its much nicer if there is someone with you that you already know instead of a complete stranger.

if you are that instructor or Dive master and you also see the benefits, please contact us at info@bluelabeldiving.com.

The BLD team


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